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THANK YOU! to everyone who has supported CARS' work, including the more than 589,000 people who have contributed financially to CARS; signed, commented on, or shared CARS' petitions; volunteered to testify at legislative hearings; and generously donated your time, talent, and expertise.

How is CARS funded?

CARS depends on contributions from the public to keep fighting for safer cars and fair deals for car buyers. CARS also receives important donations of time and expertise from volunteers.

CARS is fiercely independent, and has a strict policy against accepting contributions from the auto industry or other corporate interests. The only exception: if the contributions are ordered and approved by a court of law, as part of the settlement of a case brought on behalf of consumers. CARS also does not receive any government funds.

CARS is supported by contributions from individual consumers, grants from foundations, and court- ordered cy pres contributions approved by a court of law. CARS has received grants from respected pro-consumer foundations, including the Consumer Federation of America Foundation and the California Consumer Protection Foundation, through a competitive and accountable process.

CARS is a tax-exempt non-profit public benefit organization. Contributions from consumers are very welcome and essential for our mission. Please note: due to CARS.' advocacy work on behalf of consumers, contributions to CARS are not tax-deductible. CARS is incorporated under IRS Section 501(c)(4).

Contribute to CARS
Contributions from individual consumers who care about safety are vital to CARS' mission.
There are two ways you can make a donation to CARS:

To donate by check, please mail your check to:

Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety (CARS)
1107 9th Street, Suite 560
Sacramento, CA 95814


~ or ~
To donate online, using a credit card, please use the form below:

There is another important way to support CARS' work, and that is to sign CARS' petitions, write comments, and spread the word to your family, friends, and colleagues. So far, over 589,000 people have signed CARS' petitions, and many of you have also written comments.

Thanks to public support for our work, CARS has succeeded in winning important victories to protect the public, including our military heroes and their families, from unsafe vehicles and illegal scams. Together, we have a powerful voice that even large multi-national corporations and corrupt politicians cannot ignore. THANK YOU!!
CARS' petitions on
CarMax: Stop Selling Unsafe, Recalled Cars to Consumers More signatures and comments are needed. CarMax still refuses to stop!

VICTORY: Enterprise Rent-a-Car: Stop Opposing a Law Prohibiting Companies from Renting Out Recalled Cars*

VICTORY: Rep. Fred Upton: Support the Raechel and Jacqueline Houck Safe Rental Car Act*

VICTORY: Stop Toyota from Cheating U.S. Military Serving Overseas*

*posted and updated in coordination with Cally Houck and Christina Snell,
to help give them a more powerful voice in improving auto safety for others

CARS is a non-profit public benefit organization. Contributions are not tax-deductible, due to CARS' legislative advocacy work on behalf of the public interest.

Thank you for your generous support!
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C.A.R.S. Mission
CARS is a national, award-winning,
non-profit auto safety and consumer
advocacy organization working to
save lives, prevent injuries, and
protect consumers from
auto-related fraud and abuse.

to everyone who has supported CARS' work, including the more than 589,000 people who have contributed financially
to CARS, and signed or shared CARS' petitions. YOU are helping save precious lives!!

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Twitter blocked our
original CARS account
because we told the truth
about dangerous recalled cars,
Trump, and AutoNation

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Here are the two tweets Twitter censored:


Read more at American Prospect:
"What's Up With Twitter's Content Moderation Policies?"  

CarMax sells cars with
deadly safety recall defects.
ABC's 20/20 went undercover and caught
CarMax up to their sneaky tricks.
More than 730,000 viewers have watched this video clip on CARS' YouTube channel
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Sign C.A.R.S.' petition (so far, signed
by over 117,000 people like you):
Tell CarMax to stop selling unsafe,
recalled cars to consumers
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Buyer Beware! Auto dealers use
forced arbitration
to get away with cheating customers
Even when car dealers flagrantly violate consumer protection laws, you may not be able to get justice. That's because almost 100% of car dealers stick "forced arbitration" clauses into their contracts. If they cheat you, and you try to take them to court, they can just laugh at you. That's because they can get your case kicked into arbitration -- a secret, rigged process that favors big, corrupt lawbreakers. The dealer often gets to choose the arbitration firm, and even the arbitrator who hears your case. Unlike judges, arbitrators are perfectly free to ignore the law.

Dealers claim that arbitration is quick. But Jon Perz in San Diego had to wait over 8 years in "arbitration limbo" before he finally got justice, after Mossy Toyota sold him an unsafe car. CARS produced a short video exposing what happened. More than 1.3 million people have watched our video on YouTube:
See the billboard CARS displayed
right next to Mossy Toyota's car lot,
and read more about how Jon finally won.

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